Cat has a great perception of how people think and the ability to give such concise directions for those who need it.

Cat is a great adviser in so many fields. Has a good understanding on how people can struggle and is very able in giving direction to find a better way dealing with things. Even for this dutch guy!


She’s a miracle worker!  Coach Cat clearly has a great affinity for coachings, knows exactly how to unlock the unseen potential of her clients.  Her detailed-oriented but empathic approach to the process allows her to get to know a person deeply enough in a short amount of time in order to refine and uncover potential and revitalize their personal profile, it’s quite admirable.

Catalina approaches each coaching session honestly and thoughtfully, allowing the clients to consider the realities of their situation in an entirely different light.

I personally consider Cat’s coaching style very helpful, as she enables me to delve deeply into my career situation or my past experiences, improving my thinking process and lack of confidence.  She was able to give me the gift of self-awareness and modify behaviors into attaining specific goals.  I cannot thank Coach Cat enough and I recommend her to everyone!


All love Cat! She’s the real deal and her program is unlike any other! So thankful she does what she does!

She’s always listening and brings out the best in you.  She challenges you to really think things through like you wouldn’t imagine.  The advice she gives me is tailored to my needs and situations.  She helps me achieve balance and to always keep my head up and keep going.  Having someone right there to help build my confidence has been such a bonus.  Keeping a positive outlook in life is not always easy, but with her by my side is impossible not to be so optimistic- it’s in her nature to bring out the best in you.

She has so much knowledge to help me better my day to day life goals.  Sometimes when it rains it pours and talking to her always lets me see the light and showing me I can achieve more as I grow.  The inspiration she gives me is phenomenal and the life coaching feels so personal because she cares to help better me and how I feel before anything.  The mindset she has is so inspiring and positive, and talking to her makes me personally feel amazing.

I would highly recommend her coaching because her skills are personal for each and every person she helps.  Before you speak she listens and understands more than what you communicate, and the passion she has makes the impossible happen! Thank you!


An experience like no other.  She delivered far beyond my expectations!

This was my first time working with a coach and Cat gave me an exceptional experience.  She has given me her unbiased guidance on my relationships with my husband, my family, and my friends.  She’s been a blessing! I have a lot of clarity in my life because of her.

Cat is by far the most compassionate, caring and genuine coach I have ever met.  I have been able to open up to her and share with her very dark and painful things.  I have never felt judged by her nor have I ever felt that she thought what I had to say wasn’t important.  She has a lot of knowledge and is always trying to learn more to help her clients.  She is quick to pick up on your specific needs.

I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a caring and knowledgeable coach.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me! I can’t ever express my deep gratitude for the transformations I’ve witnessed within my self and in my life. I love my life again and it’s all because of you!



I have been working with Cat over the years and she has been an instrumental part of my development. She had taken the time to listen to me every time and provide me with amazing advice that was custom tailored to my needs and situations. She empathized with me and helped me achieve better and more balanced interpersonal relationships, improved my marriage, develop self awareness, build up my confidence and adopt a better outlook on life. I feel that I could not have become the person I am today without her guidance. I recommend her to anyone who is struggling with any issues, she is phenomenal.


Cat is very kind and enthusiastic about listening to others. Cat has been my coach in helping me achieve my online business goals. She has a lot of knowledge and shares her ideas to help you come up with great goals and coaches well through the process. I would recommend her for any life coaching she is an inspiration.