Getting to know me and what I do

Hello! Thank you for checking out my website. While I believe in professionalism, I also believe in originality. I will tell you a little more about myself and what I do, but I like stories, so I’ll make my biography one too.

I’m a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and I live my life to empower people to discover and live their greatest life!

I keep getting asked “Why do you do what you do?” and my answer is “because I see too much potential go to waste”!

Someone once told me a little story that moved me to my core and which resonated with me so deeply that I made it my mission to help people maximize their inner wealth.

Let me ask you this: Which do you believe is the richest place on Earth? (You’ll see the answer with the story at the bottom but don’t skip ahead, think for a minute! I can guarantee you’ll get it wrong!

Going back to why I do what I do is because I believe in people and in their untapped potential. I help individuals discover their true worth and I support them along the way in a multidimensional way.

When I hold up the “mirror” and they see a reflection of their true worth, the light bulb turns on in their head and I can see it shining in their eyes! At that moment I know they can see what I can see. It’s such a beautiful discovery process. It’s absolutely priceless.

While I really love programs and I offer my own, I believe in the power of one on one. Even though we are very similar human beings, we are a little variation of one another. We love feeling like an individual and unique, being accorded the right attention and having our hand held along the journey in a metaphorical way, so we don’t have to feel alone.

Now back to the answer to the question at the top. (I promise it will all make sense)

Which did you guess the richest place on Earth was? Dubai? Los Angeles? New York? Japan? And while those are amazing answers, they’re not correct.

Those are the proof of the manifested potential of a very small percentage of people that followed their passions, trumped their fears and put their talents to work. But the richest place on earth is the cemetery. (Sad, I know..) Unfortunately more than 80% (and I personally believe it’s even higher) of the population doesn’t follow through on what they’re passionate about, what they’re endowed with, thus all that unused potential gets buried in the ground.

Picture this world without Michelangelo’s amazing art, without Edison’s inventions, without Einstein’s input, without Oprah’s diligence and so many other influential people that changed the course of this world and made it better for those that followed. They simply followed their calling and didn’t let failure or the disbelief of others stop them. They dared to dream and lead with what their heart called them to do!

Can you imagine if more people decided to stop listening to outside voices about what is possible or to conquer their fears and live life the way they dreamed?

I believe it would a have tremendous ripple effect, a positive one. When people do what they’re good at and what they love, stress levels lower, thus production and creativity becomes exponential!

Can you imagine a world where you lead by example for your children and you show them what’s possible and not to be confined in the fears the world or your mind creates? I can!

I imagine that world and I’m determined to help out individuals discover, nurture and use that innate gift they’ve been blessed with to live a life of happiness and fulfillment!

So until I chat with you, please remember to be Kind, be Loving, be Forgiving and most importantly, be YOURSELF!

Dream big and discover your worth!

Chat soon,

Coach Cat

P.S: Money isn’t an outer thing! It’s an expansion of your inner expression in the outer world! Discover, nurture and grow your talent and money will follow!

Published by chatwcat

Coach Cat is an internationally recognized certified Mindset Coach. With over 10 years of experience working with entrepreneurs from over 25 countries, Cat doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to helping entrepreneurs transform themselves in order to bring their businesses to the next level. She’s the expert in upgrading the most important aspect of it: YOUR MINDSET! If you’re serious about to making things happen, let’s have a chat! Are you ready?

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