How To Experience The Present Moment Through Gratitude

I like to approach life and business very similarly, because they are interconnected in a lot of aspects, even for those who declare that they keep them separate.  So I’d like to cover a topic today from a more personal standpoint to show you how the minutiae are what drives your world with or withoutContinue reading “How To Experience The Present Moment Through Gratitude”

WHY will your 2020 be better than your 2019?

Every single year we begin with great intentions, a laundry list of goals and big hopes for some sort of a break. What most people aren’t aware of is the fact that by the third week of January, about 90 percent of individuals who set up goals, have already given up on them! The momentum dies downContinue reading “WHY will your 2020 be better than your 2019?”

Thoughts, beliefs and dirty dishes

As always I like to use stories to get a point across and today isn’t any different.. let’s talk about thoughts and beliefs! I’m going to draw a comparison between an everyday act, and how our belief system and thoughts are very similar. Let’s say you have a dinnerware set of 4 that you useContinue reading “Thoughts, beliefs and dirty dishes”