You either love what you do or you trade yourself for money!

Would you sell yourself?

Most, if not all, people would answer “NO!”. Of course, that is the rational answer! Now what if I told you that you did that already? When you choose what you are going to do (work wise) and you get paid, you sell yourself: your services, your time, your knowledge and so on. There’s is however another way, where you don’t actually sell yourself, you serve. To serve is to create from within, to devote yourself to something that calls your heart, wether or not you’re going to get paid, where pay ends up a bonus not the motive. To make it even easier to understand, I’m going to put it in a short story, so dive in.

Imagine you’re a caregiver and you’ve got in front of you someone who doesn’t have much left to live. You’re pouring every ounce of you taking care of her, making sure that the last stretch of life goes as smooth as possible and you make her comfortable to the best of your abilities. You talk to her each day, you bring her nice surprises, you uplift her when her spirits are down and you make sure she knows she’s in good hands. She comes to terms about life and is so happy to have you by her side. Your love overflows in every single thing you do.

Now imagine that same story, only this time you’re doing this for money. You dread going to work every day. You know you want to make a great living and this is a good paying job, but you count the minutes every day you’re working. You’re grumpy and impatient and she can tell. When she asks you for something, you huff and puff and give her an attitude. You can tell your heart isn’t invested in what you do and she’s feeling down more and more each day. You barely ask how she’s doing, let alone if she needs anything else. You watch the clock impatiently and can’t wait until you get to clock out.

This right here is a great example of not going with what your heart calls you to do and choosing with your wallet. There are many different scenarios, you know your own and if this resonated with you, here’s what you need to do next.

Now I’d like for you to ask yourself this: is it worth it?

When you exchange your time for money, with little or no satisfaction, it costs you more than you can imagine. Your health, your outlook in life, your attitude, your gratitude, your self esteem and so much more gets affected and it continues to impact you in your personal life as well. So if you’re not happy with what you’re doing now or you’re just doing it for money, reconsider. Give yourself a timeline, do some soul searching and start doing what makes you come alive! You deserve it!

Published by chatwcat

Coach Cat is an internationally recognized certified Mindset Coach. With over 10 years of experience working with entrepreneurs from over 25 countries, Cat doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to helping entrepreneurs transform themselves in order to bring their businesses to the next level. She’s the expert in upgrading the most important aspect of it: YOUR MINDSET! If you’re serious about to making things happen, let’s have a chat! Are you ready?

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