Thoughts, beliefs and dirty dishes

As always I like to use stories to get a point across and today isn’t any different.. let’s talk about thoughts and beliefs!

I’m going to draw a comparison between an everyday act, and how our belief system and thoughts are very similar.

Let’s say you have a dinnerware set of 4 that you use on a regular basis to eat out of. Most often you use the same 2 or 3 of the plates and bowls. Now imagine you stop washing the ones you use every day and you keep eating in them for the next week or month. Can you even picture that? You’d be repulsed, right? I can’t even begin to fathom the smell they would have. So what do you do? You remember you have the 4th one clean and you use it. But after a while, this one becomes soiled too. It’s a disaster! How did you let it get this bad? You can see it in front of your eyes and can’t believe you would actually be in this situation.

Now what does dirty dishes have to do with thoughts and beliefs? I told this story just to prove a point about how our thoughts and beliefs become filthy and stink really bad if we don’t constantly condition ourselves, take inventory of our thoughts and make sure we clean the impurities that don’t align with our core. The more we let them unattended, the bigger the mess.

So what is easier: daily maintenance or monthly cleanup of a disaster?

What’s even worse, because with our thoughts and beliefs we don’t feel the negative effect until the mess is quite deep, we leave them unattended for months, years or decades. This results in traumas, stress, diseases and even death, and it’s all due to our thoughts. So should we practice a better maintenance when it comes to our belief system? Absolutely!

How do you become better at “cleaning” and maintaining your thoughts?

1. Awareness – we all can tell when something isn’t right or it doesn’t belong in our thought library, so pay more attention and be more strict. Guard your mind and be me more selective with what you allow to come in. It’s easier to guard it than it is to clean up, and it all start with being aware of what enters the realm of your mind.

2. Decide what you want- in order to know what you allow in and what you keep out of your mind, you have to decide what you want. By doing so, you will have an easier way selecting what is and what isn’t beneficial.

3. Discipline- being in charge of your thoughts it’s not necessarily and easy task, especially if you have some major cleanup to do. But if you’re striving for a better quality of life and you want achieve it, discipline plays a major role. It’s not enough to just want something, you have to continuously shape yourself to take action and keep doing the work.

I hope this really struck a cord with you and that it provided you a few ideas about what you need to do in order to get more productive, become more efficient and gain a new perspective on how thoughts affect your life. We all have thoughts, but their quality reflects your overall life right now. If your life is amazing, you’re doing a fantastic job at managing your mind. If you have a lack of balance in one or more areas in your life, your thoughts and beliefs would be a great point to start for the right change.

Until next time, don’t forget to be kind, be loving, be forgiving and most importantly be yourself!

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Coach Cat is an internationally recognized certified Mindset Coach. With over 10 years of experience working with entrepreneurs from over 25 countries, Cat doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to helping entrepreneurs transform themselves in order to bring their businesses to the next level. She’s the expert in upgrading the most important aspect of it: YOUR MINDSET! If you’re serious about to making things happen, let’s have a chat! Are you ready?

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