How To Experience The Present Moment Through Gratitude

I like to approach life and business very similarly, because they are interconnected in a lot of aspects, even for those who declare that they keep them separate.  So I’d like to cover a topic today from a more personal standpoint to show you how the minutiae are what drives your world with or without your awareness, and how to take advantage of a newfound perspective. This will help you appreciate life at a deeper level and be more fulfilled at the end of your day.

Here it goes…

I have noticed that we’re always in the rush to be somewhere, to do something, to be someone, to be with someone, to eat something, or whatever else we engage in and that we hardly take time nowadays to be fully present.

When you’re constantly in a rush, you forget what you have here and now, and it seems like you’re almost always one step behind what you’re trying to feel.  It always feels just a hair out of your reach.

So today I’d like you to invite you to practice being in a moment of fully experiencing grace, the gate to the deepest part of you that is connected to everything you have in your life for which you may have never even expressed your appreciation for.

A while back I was in a conversation that was a huge eye-opener once again of how really blessed we are, truly beyond comprehension. Even though we may not have everything we dream of (the things we believe hold the key to our happiness), we are without a doubt showered every day with such an abundance of what we need. I’ll ask you a question that will forever change the way you look at your life and will empower you to not only acknowledge your current abundance level but also create more of it.

I want you for a moment to think of something you do every day.  It could be anything from preparing that cup of coffee you have when you awake, or maybe that shower you just took or even possibly the shoes you put on your feet.  Simple, right?

Now I want you to think of the effort it actually took for those things that you’re using or consuming to be in your presence.

For example: for the coffee, you enjoy every day (or maybe it’s milk, or tea or any other type of beverage), the coffee bean had to be planted in a fertile soil and be tended to, then it needed the rain and the sun to help it grow; afterward it took a bunch of people to harvested it and roast it and package it and transport it and so on.

You having that cup of coffee even 50 years ago might’ve been a luxury, but now it became something mundane you don’t even have time to acknowledge or savor because you’re in “go mode” all the time.

When is the last time you actually showed gratitude and thought about what it truly takes for your coffee to be in your hands and for you to drink it? We’re not even talking about the coffee machine or the cup, that’s additional, so can you see how much you really have right now that you may have never even acknowledged the effort this entire universe surrounding you has put forth for you to have that coffee and enjoy it?

Now that’s just an example.  There are millions of things you could be listing right now, yet most people live as though they don’t have anything. So I’d like to proceed to ask you the question that has the potential to open your eyes and to show you how truly blessed you are, even if you’ve learned to see life as the “cup half empty” or you feel you have too much missing in your life. Here it is:

  • If God today took away everything from you (from your senses to your health to your friends and family to your material things) and tomorrow He returned to you ONLY what you’ve grateful for, what would you have?

Mindboggling, right?

When you look at life from such a perspective, you can start noticing how much you actually take for granted.  I want to share a personal story that has really woken me up to see how two of the most basic things that we have are priceless but we don’t appreciate them.  Often we just assume that that’s how it should be, that they’re no big deal, but was they were taken away from me for a brief moment, I’ve never seen them the same way ever again.

Back in high school, I used to play volleyball for the varsity school team and I was playing during a championship where the scouts were flocking to pick the top players for the colleges and universities they represented.  I was on my A-game and I probably had one of the best days of my athletic life. All was good until, in a moment, I found myself on the ground unable to get back up.  I had jumped up to spike the ball over the net, but the ball was set too far.  Noticing it, I gave myself an extra push and I felt my knee pop.  I hit an ace and scored a point for my team, but upon returning to the ground, I fell down without being able to get myself back up.  Two knee surgeries and a horrible hospital experience later, I’ve never seen walking and breathing as something we just do, but rather a gift a lot of people don’t have.  The experience woke me up to see how unbelievably wonderful it is to be able to do both and rejoiced to be alive.

So if today you’re awake, if you have a couple people that love you and you’re able to do things, you’re much more blessed than you understand.

The reason I brought this up is so that you understand that you live in a very giving universe. VERY GIVING!

When you understand that and also the fact that the universe supports your dreams and your desires through the feelings, the thoughts and the actions you’re taking, all of a sudden you can recognize that you’re not doing this alone. There is a force backing you up at every step.

What you decide to do with this realization will be the difference between feeling successful, fulfilled and happy.

  • What are you taking for granted?
  • So what are you going to do to be more grateful for today?
  • What will you open the door for through an attitude of gratitude?

Even you being able to read this right now is something that would’ve astounded people 100 years ago.  You live in one of the best times in history when opportunities knock at your door all the time, even if you don’t notice them.  Only think about the ideas you’re able to come up with! Have you ever been grateful for those? Or maybe appreciating the feelings you’re able to feel?

Whether this article influences your personal life or your business, remember it all starts with your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.  You’ve been given a tool to create and live from a place of abundance rather than from scarcity. You’re not reading this by a random chance.

What will you do with it?

I hope you’ve been inspired to look at things with different eyes, to understand you’re much more abundant than you give yourself credit for, and to go out there and be a beacon of light for those who still need this lesson to wake up and “smell the roses”.

If you need help overcoming some of your negative thoughts or you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or you tend to procrastinate, I’m only a message away! I’m in your corner when you’re ready to step into the brilliance you have waiting for you to unleash it. Let’s get things done!

Until next time, don’t forget to be kind, be loving, be forgiving, but most importantly, BE YOURSELF!

Coach Cat


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