12 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs To Have A Life Coach

Imagine you’re a self-trained athlete and you’re going to compete in a boxing match. You’re standing there waiting for your turn in the competition excited about having such a great opportunity and feeling good about what you know, after all, it got you all the way to this level, right? You enter the ring andContinue reading “12 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs To Have A Life Coach”

Can You Make A Living Being A Life Coach?

Yes you can! But the reality is that the majority of people that get certified as a coach don’t. I’ve been in this game a long time and for a while I’ve been a part of that majority that didn’t make money. A lot of people would’ve given up, but instead I got really intriguedContinue reading “Can You Make A Living Being A Life Coach?”

What NOT To Do As An Entrepreneur

While it’s important that we study and grow as people and as business owners, one important element that gets consistently overlooked by entrepreneurs is: what not to do! Not all behavior is acceptable! Your character is your “business card” so make sure you design it well! If you’re thinking “but I do know what IContinue reading “What NOT To Do As An Entrepreneur”

How To Experience The Present Moment Through Gratitude

I like to approach life and business very similarly, because they are interconnected in a lot of aspects, even for those who declare that they keep them separate.  So I’d like to cover a topic today from a more personal standpoint to show you how the minutiae are what drives your world with or withoutContinue reading “How To Experience The Present Moment Through Gratitude”