Thoughts, beliefs and dirty dishes

As always I like to use stories to get a point across and today isn’t any different.. let’s talk about thoughts and beliefs! I’m going to draw a comparison between an everyday act, and how our belief system and thoughts are very similar. Let’s say you have a dinnerware set of 4 that you useContinue reading “Thoughts, beliefs and dirty dishes”

You either love what you do or you trade yourself for money!

Would you sell yourself? Most, if not all, people would answer “NO!”. Of course, that is the rational answer! Now what if I told you that you did that already? When you choose what you are going to do (work wise) and you get paid, you sell yourself: your services, your time, your knowledge andContinue reading “You either love what you do or you trade yourself for money!”

Getting to know me and what I do

Hello! Thank you for checking out my website. While I believe in professionalism, I also believe in originality. I will tell you a little more about myself and what I do, but I like stories, so I’ll make my biography one too. I’m a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and I live my life to empowerContinue reading “Getting to know me and what I do”